Program and Accepted Papers

Workshop date: September 28, 2015.

Time-slot Activity
9:00 Introduction
9:30 Presentation of papers 1–7; 10 minutes per paper
10:40 Coffee break at the workshop location
11:00 Creation of teams and start of cooperative work
13:00 Light lunch at the workshop location
14:30 Cooperative work
15:30 Plenary discussion
16:00 End of workshop
19:00 Workshop dinner (everybody on their own budget)

1. Andrea Conci, Cristina Core, Fabio Morreale. Trento University.
Weighting Play and Learning in Interaction.

2. G. D’Aprile, P. Dibitonto, R. De Asmundis, R. Memeo, A. De Girolamo. Grifo Multimedia, Bari.
Cibopolis: a serious game based on socio-constructivist learning approach.

3. Fernando De la Prieta, Alberto Lopez Barriuso, Juan M. Corchado, Javier Bajo. University of Salamanca and Technical University of Madrid.
MOVI-CLOUD: a social framework for labor integration by means of serious games.

4. Franca Garzotto, Mirko Gelsomini. Politecnico di Milano.
Playful Learning in Smart Spaces for Children with Intellectual Disability.

5. Charlotte Lærke Weitze. Aalborg University, Copenhagen.
Designing for Learning and Play—The Smiley model as framework.

6. Maria Rosita Cecilia, Pierpaolo Vittorini, Ferdinando di Orio. L'Aquila University.
A first experience with learners with Special Educational Needs: lesson learnt for participatory-design activities.

7. Tania Di Mascio, Laura Tarantino, Pierpaolo Vittorini, Maria Rosita Cecilia. L'Aquila University.
Children learning temporal connectives by playing: the TERENCE experience.